Ways To Increase Testosterone

Defining and Understanding Testosterone
The clear definition of testosterone is easy to understand. Testosterone is a sex hormone. This is a male hormone that is made and produced by the testes. This will encourage an overall development of the male sexual characteristics. This is a potent and natural occurring androgen. The androgen is considered to be testosterone or a hormone. This would be considered to be the cause of the male sex characteristics. This would include:

* a deep voice
* facial hair/beard
* the strengthening of muscle tone
* the bone mass

A higher level of testosterone has been known to actually promote better health in men. It may have the ability to even lower the risk of high blood pressure as well as heart attacks. This is a simplistic and an uncomplicated definition of testosterone. This does have a role within reproduction and sexuality.

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone – With John Romaniello


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